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alt Wunderkammer des Brotes Paneum - Baking museum,
platzhalter Kornspitz AG in Asten/St. Florian

Custom shaped stainless steel shingles on 3D adapted substructure

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Haus des Brotes
(c) PANEUM, Markus Pillhofer

Haus des Brotes
(c) PANEUM, Markus Pillhofer

Haus des Brotes
(c) PANEUM, Markus Pillhofer




 Wunderkammer des Brotes Paneum - Baking museum,
 Kornspitz AG in Asten/St. Florian 

 Construction: 3D-Sketches (pdf)
 A milled 3D timberstrcuture at a thickness of apx 40cm made by M/S WIEHAG of
 Altheim, Austria is used to transfer the load of the metal envelope built-up
 into the main structure.

 The wooden core received a vapour barrier prior to installing a 200mm spacer
 structure made of 2mm steel sheet. This secondary structure is providing the
 final shape of the envelope.

 The void within the spacer structure is completely filled with insulation.

 An extensive layer made of steel sheet is fixed to the aforesaid structure. The contour
 of the sheets is adapted to fit the 3D shape of the envelope at any given location.

 Two layers of waterproofing membrane ensure watertightness of the total building.

 Last but not least, stainless steel shingles (apx 3680 individual pieces) form the
 external finish. Each of them is unique, in shape, accurate folding process and  positioning.

 Stainless steel 1,0mm grade 1.4404 (M/S Aperam) with bead blasted surface
 (M/S Mirrorinox)

 Architect: Coop Himmelb(l)au Vienna
 Brochure on this project (pdf)


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