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Sheet metal processing


Sheet metal processing

In February 2003 we integrated punch, nibble and bench break facilities in addition to our classic range of works.
With this new equipment we open new possibilities to our clients.



Since June 2010 a Trumpf Punch-Nibbler TRUPUNCH DC 5000 R is forming part of our machine inventory.
This unit not only excels with highest performance on punch and nibble applications but also impressing with its reforming capabilities.

Most important features are:

  • Fast stroke rates and tool change
  • Highest work-piece quality and application varity
  • Use of tools for rollforming technology
  • Extension with a welding unit
    Image movie TRUMPF „Blechhelden“

We apply the following procedures:

  • Punch, bend, forming, threading, contour cutting and beading
  • Machine based engraving
  • Smooth punching with TRUMPF Multishear

with TRUMPF Multibend and the integration of the rollforming-technology the punch machines are extremly versatile.


Bending technique

TruPunch 5000
Technical Data
Usable size   3070 x 1660 mm
Max. thickness   8,0 mm
Max. punch force   220 kN
Bending is performed with the hydraulic bench break TRUMABEND 200, providing an impressive pressure force of 2000 kN.

Most important features are:

  • Excellent dimensional precision
  • Very large bending space
  • Automatically controlled bending
Technical Data
Usable length   4200 mm
Max. Pressure   2000 kN


With our latest investement, the Roll leveller HRC 30/1250, we are in the position to offer our customers precise, evenly straightend and near tension-free sheets.

Sofar, despite of using high-grade CNC sheet metal centres, all working processes introduced stress into the workpieces which could lead to unsightly optical side effects.

Now, all finished elements up to 7mm thickness and a width of 1250mm will be treated with the HRC-Roll leveller to achieve tension-free and flat sheets.

The straigthening process does bring us another step closer to our own high aspirations and our clients’ expectation for perfectionism.

Walzrichtmaschine HRC 30/1250
TD Double Bender – precise, fast, flexible and innovative

"Now, the TD double benders also harness the advantages of double bending for large-scale operations of sheet metal,
façade construction, and general bending with an economic yet top quality system –
one bending flange above and one below enable bending from top down as well as from bottom up
without having to rotate or turn the machined sheets.

This facilitates the bending process and increases output.

In this manner, the double benders are convincing with their precision,
speed and flexibility as well as reliability and with a very wide spectrum of fabricable profiles (2mm steel, 3mm aluminium)".

Thalmann TD Double Bender TD200
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