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Conservation work, the Renaisance of Metal Roofing

The conservation of protected buildings is an important task nowadays.

Preserve, reconstruct and rebuild of historical structures is a challenging task for old craftsmen trades.

Lummel has proven for years now, that experience and skill will allow true reconstruction of old buildings.

Tower of the Abbey church in Amorbach   Tower of the Abbey church in Amorbach

 Palais at the opera, Munich 

 Roof cladding and facade, sharkskin stainless steel

 Palais of the opera in Munic



 Hotel Deluxe, Kennedyallee Frankfurt 

 Zinc pre-weathered

Pilgrimage church Kappel, Waldsassen shortly after 
completion of the new towers. 

More photos on the the restoration 
can be found here. 

 Gold plated copper crone of the state
 parliament building in Dresden.

 Fruit trophy (bottom) and the new chimney hood. 

 Palais im Großen Garten, Dresden. 

 Blossom bowl and Ballustrade.

 Palais im großen Garten, Dresden.

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