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Roof and Facade in Stainless steel


Stainless steel is a modern material, which excels with its resistance to weathering.

Stainless steel is more and more used to enhance the appearance of roofs and facades and offers the following characteristics:

  • High life span due to exceptional corrosionresistance.
  • Good workability for the execution of difficult construction details.
  • Choice od surfaces for individual designs.
  • Harmonic integration with other materials, whether polished, blasted or matt.

We use Stainless steel with several surfaces:

  • mill finish 2B / IIIc
  • bright annealed 2R / IIId
  • polished 2P / No. 7 or 8
  • anodised (Spectral-Oxidisation)
  • embossed
  • blasted, dull finish "sharkskin" corundum or glass beads
  • brushed / sanded

Example in material and building:

Fit AG in Parsberg

Fit AG in Parsberg

 Fit AG in Parsberg

 Edelstahl Fassade anodisiert „grün“ Fassadenbleche
 gebürstet, gestanzt, geprägt und bis 5,8m gekantet

 Materialstärke 0,5mm,
 auf Unterkonstruktion wie folgt:

 -Distanz UK nach statischer Vorgabe


 -Stamisol color HiFi Fassadenbahn schwarz

 -2te. Distanz UK `

Behrschneider + Behrschneider Architekten GmbH

 Fotos: Petra Kellner
 Mit freundlicher Genehmigung der FIT AG

 Wunderkammer des Brotes Paneum 
- Baking museum,  
 Kornspitz AG in Asten/St. Florian  

 Construction: 3D-Sketches (pdf) 
 A milled 3D timberstrcuture at a thickness of apx 40cm  made by M/S WIEHAG of  
 Altheim, Austria is used to transfer the load of the  metal envelope built-up  
 into the main structure. 

 The wooden core received a vapour barrier prior to  installing a 200mm spacer 
 structure made of 2mm steel sheet. This secondary  structure is providing the 
 final shape of the envelope. 

 The void within the spacer structure is completely 
filled with insulation. 

 An extensive layer made of steel sheet is fixed to the  aforesaid structure. The contour 
 of the sheets is adapted to fit the 3D shape of the  envelope at any given location.

 Two layers of waterproofing membrane ensure  watertightness of the total building. 

 Last but not least, stainless steel shingles 
(apx 3680 individual pieces) form the 
 external finish. Each of them is unique, in shape,  accurate folding process and  positioning.

 Stainless steel 1,0mm grade 1.4404 (M/S Aperam) 
with bead blasted surface 
 (M/S Mirrorinox) 

 Architect: Coop Himmelb(l)au Vienna 
 Brochure on this project (pdf) 


Theater Hamburg - Fassadenwand von Lummel ausgeführt(c) PANEUM, Markus Pillhofer

Theater Hamburg - Fassadenwand von Lummel ausgeführt
(c) PANEUM, Markus Pillhofer

Theater Hamburg - Fassadenwand von Lummel ausgeführt
(c) PANEUM, Markus Pillhofer

Tiefgaragenausblasschächte Koebogen

Tiefgaragenausblasschächte Koebogen

Tiefgaragenausblasschächte Koebogen


 BV Köbogen Düsseldorf

 Cladding of under basement car park exhaust shafts

 Material stainless steel polished 2P /anodised
 Colour: champangne“

 Architect: Libeskind

Theatre Hamburg 

Client: Stage 
Project location next "König der Löwen" - Lion King 

Facade cladding with 3D designed stainless steel 
shingles in 2R finish on shape forming substructure 

 Complete facade built-up on primary facetted steel 

structure comprising of secondary shape forming steel 

structure , trapezoidal metaldeck, vapour barrier, 
spacer structure with thermal insulation, metalsheet 
substrate with waterproofing, 3D stainless steel 
shingle cladding 



Theater Hamburg

Theater Hamburg

Fastnachtmuseum Kitzingen

Fastnachtmuseum Kitzingen

 Museum of carneval in Kitzingen

 Facade stainless steell 1.4301
 colored Inox Spectrall

Grand Canal Theatre, Dublin 

Stainless steel panels facade 2mm 3720m² 
Powder coated aluminiumfacade 3mm 650m² 
Kalzip roof 3250m² 


Architect: Libeskind   





 Palace at the opera, Munich

 Works done:
 - Design, supply and install of raised roof
  substructure made of steel sheet fixed
  to existing concrete to fully support
 - The roof cladding
 - Supply and install all facade metalwork components
 - Execute customised cladding components incl.
  Steel substructure

 The works have been executed by Joint Venture with
 M/S Binder & Sohn GmbH, Ingolstadt

 Architects: Hilmer & Sattler und Albrecht, Berlin

 Installation period September 2011 to December 2012

ADIDAS Project,  

Stainless Steel no. 8  

Architect: Kada Wittfeld , Aachen  

BV Adidas

BV Adidas

 BTZ Vocational-Technology-Centre,

 Facade Stainless steel IIID anodised red"

Amend in Trier 

Facade: Stainless steel 2R / IIId 
Flat roof roll-welded 

 Extension International Court, The Hague

 Stainless steel 'sharkskin'

 Architects: Wilford und Schupp, Stuttgart/London

"Kompetenzzentrum Edelstahl" 
Chamber of Crafts Koblenz  

Stainless steel - surfaces: matt / 2B / IIIc   
bright annealed 2R / IIId     

Koblenz - Edelstahl

Koblenz - Edelstahl

 "Zollhof" in Düsseldorf
 (Further photographs)

 Stainless steel 2R / IIId

Campus Kronberg, Stairs 

- Staircase cladding 
Stainless steel 2R / IIId 


 SPZ Centre, Hallein 

 Shinglefacade with embossed stainless steel "Lummel"
 2B / IIIc

 Client: Wohnbau, Salzburg
 Architect: Kada+Wittfeld, Aachen 

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