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For years now Lummel is transforming demanding worldwideprojects into reality.

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Project Material and System
Wunderkammer des Brotes Paneum Baking museum,
Kornspitz AG in Asten/St. Florian
Custom shaped stainless steel shingles on 3D adapted substructure
Bahá’í Temple of South America, Santiago de Chile Customised components in brass
canal grande dublin
Musee des Confluences, Lyon Aluminium 2mm powder coated DB704
transition profile and node points between glass sections
Brookfield Place New York Stainless steel panels 2mm and 6mm with perforation, sanded surface
canal grande dublin
Grand Canal Ceatre, Dublin Stainless steel panels facade 2mm 3720m²
Powder coated aluminiumfacade 3mm 650m²
Kalzip roof 3250m²
Socom, Luxemburg 800 m² Stainless steel facade
Pagoda black
Trump Tower, Chicago Canopy cladding, stainless steel 3mm
BVH Science and Technology Park,
Cladding to veil bullnose and columns as well as IC-building columns in 3,2mm stainless steel
Extension International Court, Den Haag Stainless steel 'sharkskin'
JCDecaux Tower "The Torch",
Mill finished Aluminium shingles and hat coping
New Air Traffic Control Titanium zinc
SPZ, Hallein System: Shingle facade
Material: Embossed Stainless steel "Lummel"
Science Center, Glasgow Titanium
ATC Farnborough Aluminium
Forum, Barcelona Structured stainless steel,
Staircase core & ceiling cladding
Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh Stainless steel, Roll-welded seam roof, blast and sandwich panels, long strip cladding
Hotel Interconti, Riyadh 4600 m² Copper roof and facade cladding
MTRC Central Station, Hongkong Titanium roof cladding (Overly system)
Temasek Polytechnic, Phase II,
Copper Patina and zinc roof cladding
Queens Road, Hong Kong Copper Patina cladding
Entertainment Building, Hong Kong Titanium-zinc cladding
Residence La Digue, Seychellen 1900 m² copper cladding
National Day Monuments, Seychelles Stainless steel/concrete Structure
with Brass cladding
More projects without photographs
German Embassy, Ulan Bataar/Mongolia
1500 m² Zinc cladding
Airport, Ulan Bataar/Mongolia 2000 m² Aluminium-Facade
Assurur residence, Brunei Copper Patina dome cladding
Beijing Lufthansa Center, China Aluminium barrel roof cladding
Canton Road, Hongkong 330 m² copper cladding
Gouangzhou China 2000 m² Aluminium-Facade
Nigeria Main-Building, Gatehouse, Belvedere Aluminiumroof and facade
Minna Main-Building, Gatehouse, Belvedere, Nigeria Aluminiumroof & Facade
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