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Flat roofs, perfectly executed by Lummel


Particularly on flat roofs Lummel is able to find material-saving and durable solutions for renovation or new installation by using new technologies.

Lummel builds and refurbishes flat roofs with zero degrees slope with continuously welded stainless steel. This type of system is very suitable for "cube" architecture, e.g. schools.

Compared to other materials stainless steel only offers a reliable long-term protection (stainless steel only is suitable for zero degree slope).

More information: Pictures of stainless steel flat roofs

- Broshuere about Stainless Steel Flat roofs (pdf, german)

Arguments for stainless steel flat roofs:

  • nearly unlimited life span
  • maintainance-free
  • low weight
  • heat reflection
  • suitable for 0-deg roof
  • Algae- and root-proof
  • weather independent installation
  • improved fire behaviour
  • effortloss lightning conduction
  • no disposal of existing roof during refurbishment

The roll welding machine in action

 School Kitzingen

Flat roof roll-welded  

 Flat roof in stainless steel during TÜV-inspection

The completed stainless steel flat-roof 
with gravel filling 

 Flat roof in stainless steel - Impression
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